Instagram Alpha Testing On Android And iOS

Posted by Jenny Compton on March 6, 2018

You can either love or hate Instagram. But, if you are amongst those that love the app, then the good news is that Instagram is planning the latest alpha texting programs on Android and iOS. The company confirms this launch in a report to TechCrunch. The program is different from beta testing, which Instagram has had for quite some time on Android.

Think things like archiving photos, account switching, comment replies, and multi-photo posts that have become a significant part of how we navigate and use the app and new alpha testing is around the corner.

  • The new Alpha Program will provide testers with a different app version to what they give Beta testers, though; users will get to use and test some of the features that may not be in the final roll up.

Instagram Alpha Tester Program

So we need to ask if you would be a tester for Instagram if you are an iOS or Android user. And if your answer is yes, thanks to the folks at Android Police, you can get involved. As an Instagram user, you can become part of the program by enrolling yourself Instagram Alpha Program Google Group. Through the Play Store, you can get started and sign up, this will mean regular updates, and you can get exposed to bugs.

  1.     Follow the link here
  2.     Enter your email to join the group
  3.     Become a Tester by joining the Instagram testing program
  4.     Profit

The information provided is courtesy of a post on Android subreddit/Reddit by an employee of Instagram that is looking for a volunteer that will participate in the testing program. A moderator confirms that the person works for the company. The post is no longer available probably because they have gotten the number of Testers they need for the program. However, you can still enroll because the Google group link still functions.