How to Mirror Android to Fire Stick

Posted by Arch on September 20, 2019
how to send android to firestick

You may not be aware of it, but your Amazon Fire TV likely comes with the smartphone mirroring option. This means that you can display your Android device screen on the TV, which is a very useful feature for browsing the internet, watching YouTube clips, etc. Although setting up screen mirroring on Amazon Firestick TV is fairly easy and straightforward, it is clearly not apparent enough, as screen mirroring is a lesser-known feature on these Amazon devices.

Supported Fire TVs

Before delving deeper into Fire TV screen mirroring, you need to make sure that your TV is capable of mirroring. For instance, the 3rd generation of Amazon Fire TV doesn’t support this feature and neither do the Fire TV Cube devices. However, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can use screen mirroring by using third-party apps, even though the mirroring feature isn’t natively supported in the device.

If your TV is supposed to support mirroring but, for some reason, doesn’t, try changing the Wi-Fi frequency band from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Do the same on your Android device, by navigating to Settings, then to Wi-Fi, then Advanced, and finally to the Wi-Fi frequency band option. Again, switch from 2.4GHz to 5GHz.


Activating It on Fire TV

First, you’ll need to activate the mirroring feature on your Fire TV. To do this, navigate to the menu, press the Home button and scroll until you’ve reached Settings. In the Settings menu, go to Display & Sounds and select Enable Display Mirroring next . You can also quick-start mirroring, using your Amazon Firestick. To enable mirroring, hold down the Home button and select Mirroring from the menu.

send android to firestick

Once you’ve activated the mirroring mode (one way or the other), you’ll see your Fire TV Stick enter a pending mode, waiting for you to connect the Android device to it.

Activating It on Your Android Phone/Tablet

In order to enable screen mirroring on any Android device, you’ll need to use Miracast. Devices after 2012 should all support this app and come with it pre-installed. So, what is Miracast? Well, it is an Android protocol that essentially helps the paired devices share video/audio information. This information sharing is restricted to wireless networks.

Miracast comes in many shapes and forms across various Android devices. Owing to the fact that every phone manufacturer comes up with their own Android OS version, the app in question doesn’t always bear the same name, although it comes with the exact same functionalities. If you are unable to find Miracast on your Android device, look for phrases such as Screen mirroring, Cast screen, Quick Connect, Screen Sharing, AllShareCast, Wireless mirroring, Wireless display, Smart View, etc.

If you’ve found the screen mirroring tool, simply enable the service, and the Android smartphone/tablet should start mirroring on Fire TV.

To stop mirroring, hit any button on the remote.

Third-Party Apps

If you can’t find this feature on your Android device, chances are that it doesn’t support mirroring. However, in some instances, an Android device may be mirroring-enabled, without actually coming with a pre-installed app like Miracast. In these instances, you can resort to a number of available third-party apps. These apps may not work as well as Miracast but will enable you to actually cast your Android screen onto the Firestick TV. Here are some of the best mirroring apps on the market.

Google Home

Google Home is by far the most popular third-party mirroring app for Android. It also comes with many other useful features such as managing compatible lights, cameras, and many other smart devices. It is essentially a universal remote for more than just your TV that lets you cast your Android screen onto the TV. That being said, it doesn’t work ideally with all mirroring use cases, although it is free and can pair with a wide variety of devices.


TeamViewer is a fantastic app used by tech support employees all around the world to help people fix problems on their devices. It essentially works by mirroring someone else’s screen on your own. Therefore, this app is more than capable of mirroring your Android screen on the Fire TV, which is exactly what it can do.


Mirroring360 is widely used for developer app demo presentations. As such, it comes with a variety of useful features, but also with the screen mirroring option. Keep in mind, though, that your Android version should be up-to-date if you want to use this app.

Sending your Android Screen to the Fire TV

If your devices support it, there is no reason why screen mirroring wouldn’t work. Try changing the settings as instructed, find Miracast, or install a corresponding third-party app, follow the instructions and enjoy the mirrored Android screen on your Fire TV

Have you ever used screen mirroring on your Fire TV? How did it work? Did you have to install a third-party app? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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